pourquoi biseautez ceci soit mon travail ?

my home boy dan gave me some expired slide film, 
so i took some flicks of people that i like and had
it cross processed... neat colors!



kanye crash landed...

MTS centre sucks and you have to smuggle in your bloggers so
cause they thing your gonna bootleg all the shows so i 
didn't take many flicks... plus I'm getting sick of my pocket
blogger. But none the less here a few of kids that were 
      being fucking awesome.

shutter shades were out like a flared up herpes infection...
the show was ill. n.e.r.d killed it, rhianna covered
M.I.A which was kinda lame, chris brown killed a cameo
dance session, lupe was epic and kanye was pretty out of
       hand... thanks for the hook up eston!!!

...oh and check it out, all you hipsters
better look out cause uptown has made it official
I'm now a real "nightlife photographer". that means I'm cool.

                             *uptown mag*
look to the second paragraph for proof of how cool i am.
big ups to the juice and b-rit for being awarded the cool award too.

your friendly neighbourhood nightlife photographer.


guess who's rich....

thank you publishers clearing house...
for filling my box with junk mail.


nasa is convinced there is life on mars... or so discovery channel tells me...

here's a collection of cool and or funny shit i have captured with my blackberry over the last month or so... here's a pic of a troll doll i found in the back seat of adam's car.
this is a painting i did with pat lazo, its not quite done yet. ( this ones mostly for my mom )

this is a rediculously cute pug puppy i saw at the petland by my work...

hildy and the cobrasnake.
this is matt on his birthday passed out in the back of brads truck.

this is without a doubt the most rediculous thing i have ever seen... i seriously dont know what goes through peoples heads... do you really think a potential employer will take your seriously when your resume cover letter has shit like this on it? god damnit! ... please please click this photo to enlarge it and have a read...

the field behind my work always has some of the craziest sunsets.
well. enjoy.


vandal and lazerfangz united...

...Saturday May 17th @ the spot on albert, my homeboy adam and I decided to throw an art party... i unfortuatly didn't get to snap that many flicks due to alot of smoozing and tag teaming
a painting with my man pat lazo. I'd like to thank all the artists involved and all those who made it out to check my first crack at throwing a art show. for some more flicks our boy the infamous Lazerfangz© should have some up shortly... once things wrapped up at the spot
we headed down to the new HIFI club in osborne to enjoy a few cold beverages and booty shakes.  you HAVE to go check out lazerfangz for tits and nada part 2 flicks among other of the ill'est shit that is going around the lands.... enjoy the ish! 

till we meet again...