in glenn i trust...

 for those who don't know, my friend cliff is the cat that makes
everything at the edge possible these days, last year he 
asked me to do a few graphics on the shop blanks, guess
he was stoked cause he asked me to do a few again this year.

i couldn't resist.

word up.
get down to places like the edge and
support your local shit, help those who keep it real
to keep it real.

till we meet again...


weapons of mass stoke...

I don't know what it was, i must have woke up on the ill'n side of the bed
or something, but despite the fact that all morning and for most of the 
afternoon mother nature was sending us a serious winter musical
appropriately titled "hey fuck you" i had fuckin awesome day...

i went film shopping, stoked.
I had my eye on this lil' fucker for a while and 
decided what better time to land a new zipper...

marky b is a walking ball of rad. he gave me this shirt
because it had a seemingly bloody stain on it, 
its a good thing matt has a tide pen.

the next rad item on the list, this turn table
my mom was getting rid of.

...this shit is just hilarious.

been working on some shit...
4 colour separation process on canvas and paper...

the tenders at school are killing the chicken game.

two down.


time to go watch the hills with the boys.
keep it fake na-na's


thank god its getting nice out...

i've become utterly obsessed with three things.
1. easter candy
2. beer and playing games
3. the nintendo wii i won at colin and dana's social
every morning i wake up now with a pain in my right shoulder 
from an excess of video game bowling.
and i am currently at this moment loosing in the 8th frame 
by a landslide.


i could go for a delicious....


jesus christ, he's just dragging on that lame coffee-ana-grit shit...

- my first photo flick set on my OWN new blogspot... i find it funny how
there is a celebrated holiday that is basically dedicated to encouraging the stereotype 
the irish are a bunch of rowdy drunks...
hey fuck it tho, it's always a fun as shit good time... the crew took the easy route 
and headed down to the MTS mox for completely untraditional st. patty's day vodka and champagne.

-the nuttys were there promoting their upcoming fun... go check the glamour this sat, 
and have a few double ryes for me cause i"ll be stuck at work...

-one litre carafe's of vodka were a plenty...
thanks to this man...
-this chick thought she was blasting near pure vodka and cran, and after she started
acting like a drunk retard her bubble was bursted with the information it was purely juice...
i love drunk kids.

this was my first time trying dom perignon...

its kinda gross...
i hope ya kids will dig my new spot...
till we meet again..