temporary area code relocation...

water front living...
ran into some winnipeg girls.

we took a strole and ate some pizza.

seriously, what more do you need?
a little texting thats what.

un-likely tour guides...
downtown living.

this ones for mike reis and his childhood.
so just over 24 hours in toronto and surrounding areas, despite the fact that my host is out of commission , i hooked up with some familiar faces and some new ones and got some shit going. how ever my opinion of TO hasnt quite changed yet, its fuckin filthy here, theres garbage everywhere, i even saw a used tampon applicator on the street car this morning... revolting. 
buuuut benny has some fun shit planned for me tomorrow so we'll just have to see.
till we meet again my winnipeg friends.

ps... look how cute the kids are...


i'm always the sensible one, i'm the designated driver...

fight the power.
toronto bound and gag'd.
till we meet again,


battle at the berrics...

i made my pics... 

till we meet again,


whats in your camera bag?

well its no surprise im in fuckin love with my iphone, i got this new app called camerabag, it allows you to take flicks and it adds a filter to make it look like a bunch of different vintage cameras... hacky but fun. heres a collection...

i'm hyped on adam.  you should be too.
till we meet again...
you know you love me.
-gossip james.


lizard king has a kickflip that is worthy of a sinners dream come true.
till we meet again... or not?