lost boy: early twenties, reported to have interest in "street wear"...

if found please contact me.
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battle at the berrics...

butteryass donovan vs malto... 
get into it..


cant wait for this.


oh shit...

       when was the last time you saw gas this fuckin cheep?
still had enough extra for some lotos... c'mon big money....
holla jerry!

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The 10 Worst Tricks in Skateboarding...

           Aiight, so while cruising through my daily sites i came across this tidbit on skateboarding.com , the ten worst tricks in skateboarding in the eyes of clyde singleton... now first off i never gave a fuck about clyde singleton's skating so i definatly dont agree with some of these... but for the most part he nailed that shit.

1) Ho-Ho:
There’re some tricks I’m more than glad I never learned. Invented by Steve Schneer, this has to be one of the ugliest, worstest tricks known to skateboarding. I still can’t figure out why anyone would want to do an invert with both hands down, then walk around on your hands with your skateboard dangling from both feet. One time, this kid named Bruce was doing a ho-ho and the board fell. Shat cut his finger off all the way past the white-meat, to the bone grizzle. As I said, dumb and dangerous trick.

2) 180 Ollie To Switch Smith/Fakie Droopy Front Truck Grind
What the hell’s this trick? The poor man’s 180 nosegrind? There’s NO way in Gawd’s green earf ANYONE can make this trick “cool.” Why? Because it takes little to no effort, it scratches lame parts of your deck up, and furthermore, it’s ugly. So remember, kids, if you don’t wanna be “that dude,” put some leg on that front truck.
i gotta disagree with this one, go watch donny barleys part in welcome to hell and tell me a barley grind isnt sick shit.

3) Pole Jam
It’s not so much the trick, as much as it is who’s doing it. Or where. Actually, I’ll take that back. This trick’s garbage. No matter said victim, or its strategically placed metropolitan location, it’s garbage. Plus, I think there’s some mandatory “flannel wearage” protocol all these dudes must follow, ’cause ten outta ten pole-jam photos all look the same. I really don’t wanna get into feeble, switch, or boardslide pole jams. They’re all just as worse, if not worse, to witness. “Jamming up polee”? (Nogh houghmeaux.)
once again.. i disagree... jam on.

4) Frontside 180 Flips (That Don’t Flip)

When did the evolution of the fake frontside flip dawn upon us? I remember it oddly making its way into skating, around the puffy shoe/double tongue days. Nobody paid it much mind. I mean, who cares if the name of the trick is a frontside180 kick “flip,” right? I could go on record and blame Josh Kasper for all this. If not, SPoT’s pyramid.

5) Nollie Front-Foot Kickflip
Not only does it look putrid, there’s simply way too much going on with this trick. Check it: first you snap your front foot down, nollie, straighten your body out, kick your front foot back down, redo the phones, wait for the board to flip, pull your spazzed-out leg back up, ride away with eight new holes in the strangest places your shoes have ever seen. See. Told ya. That trick’s ass.

6) Wallrides On Trees

Maybe y’all can help me with this. HOW the fokk does one “wallride” a tree? Am I the only one who notices that trees don’t have walls? So one more time. HOW do you wallride a tree? And furthermore, why would you ride a skateboard up a tree? Now, if someone were to actually drop into a tree (branches, pine cones, and all), we might have a conversation.

7) Blunt To Backside Disaster On Mini-Ramp

Another lame-ass trick. Remember when people useta do blunt-back-disaster-tail-stall-frontside-pivot-fakie? I do. And it was horrible. Lookt like dude was crumpin’ on the coping. Back to the subject: if you ever find yourself blunt on the coping for more than 0.5 seconds,and you decide to go to disaster, please pick up your board and leave the ramp. Immediately. You herb.
i almost shit myself when i read clyde call someone a herb, but fuck you clyde, go tell chet childress that blunt disasters are wack and watch him smack you in the face.

8) Benihana
Ever wonder what the hell’d make anyone take their back foot off their skateboard midair and grab the tail? Me neither. Y’all know this trick drops ya swagger levels at least four points, right? Not only does it look ’scust, but nine times outta ten, it’s done by the mustiest dude in the vicinity. Terrible. I nominate this trick, as well as all photographic evidence of any persons doing it, put in a time capsule and sent to Nebular.
i'll argue that wes treleven makes this trick cool.

9) Ollie, Front-Foot Impossible

You ever ollied, tripped over your board with your front foot, then landed back on your board? Well, my friend, you have done what we in the skate community call a “front-foot impossible.” If you could do me, your front shoestring, and the rest of the free world the favor of never doing that “trick” again, we’d really appreciate it.

10) “Baton Twirl”
What’s it called when you pop your board in your hand, twirl that bish like a baton, and jump off the wall like Mike Jackson? I don’t know either. But dayum, this is the worst trick in the world. What is that trick called, anyway? I asked at least fifteen people and no one knew. They just kept calling it “that trick where you spin your board sporadically and jump off the wall.” If anyone knows the name of this horrible trick, please e-mail me ASAP.

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say word.

katy perry is my new guilty pleasure. doesnt hurt that shes a monster babe.
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curious resemblence...

reminder: coffee-ana-grits back

these days nothings ever gonna be the same...

its been a interesting month or so, a lot of things on my mind and my plate and we all know how good i am a coping with shitty things so i wanna holler a shout out to those who have made me feel better and been nice friends....
check out this flick of mart trying to "drink his buzz" away.

i've always heard about this kinda playing cards but never saw them in action... they are kinda gross.
check out these aspiring moustachios,

bonfires burnt bright, pumpkin faces lit the night...
trainor and trosky put on a art party. it was a god damn gong show.
mid november, icey streets, snow and no breaks... looks like handsome lukes ride... yah we would wouldnt he.
k serious moment of gay bro love, adam mcknight fucking rules. he is sick, his art blows my mind. he carries a bag of fun everywhere he goes and god damnit is he ever a nice guy.
the ladies that made the night possible having a fucking good time.
i gotta thing for shots of legs and shoes.

Glenn is making my days lately.
once again, big ups to all the nice people i know, and a fair goodbye to those who yell at me, fuck off. 
till we dont meet again.


my new buddy...

named him glenn after my favourite fiend...
till we meet again...