till we meet again.



happy holidays friends and family. thanks to all who i spent it with, you mean a lot to me.
this year was a bit different, we are all starting to get a bit older and i can feel the friends becoming more like family
and with every family we are starting to have our holiday traditions. it was very good to spend time with all of you.
thanks for the love.
gracious new home owner marta and uncle dad hosted a fabulous potluck dinner, we feasted and enjoyed company.

welcome home.

x-mas morning was spent at my mothers house. we dont get to do it often there anymore so i really enjoy it.

me and the mayor about half way through the holiday bender....

adam and elan invented drinking jenga... its very tense and very effective.
x-mas day favours at chloe's...
we got together once again as a family for a new years day dinner, chinese was appropriate and we feasted...

happy new year friends, let's make this one count.
thanks for the love and support.
till we meet again...
-the new vans.