a girl i once knew said this best.

I am who I am.I'll do what I want.With who I want.When I want.On my terms.No one has been able to change it yet.So love it, or leave it.I refuse to waste my time with someone who isn't comfortable with the way I am, who I am, the way I've always been...

if we meet again.


oh how i've missed your embrace.

if anyone is still out there... i'm sorry i haven't been around.
life hasn't been to interesting as of late and it has left me feeling a touch un-inspired.
but as i say that i take a minute to sift through some of the moments i have captured over the last month or so made me think, "ya know what james?... lotsa shit been changing"
i finally sent out a roll of black n white from what felt like months ago.
found a few nice little gems from way back when the sun was still warm.

sam and i got pretty fond of lock port and onion rings... and of course cigarettes.
a little while back my dear friend scott brownlee's mother and her long term partner tied the knot in a very intimate and personal ceremony. i was asked to snap a few photographs of the event, i got a pile of digital, but to my dismay my nikon was suffering from a dead battery so light meter was pooched and the film was kinda fucked.
either way these are a few i thought could be salvaged for at least a quick viewing

jerry only, getting ooooold.

everyone needs to get into this show.

an un-naturally warm and pleasant fall made for many trips to the moon.
ladyboy steve was in town just in time for a hung over tuesday meal.

a dinner set for a king.

black light mini golf. just a couple of grown men... NBD
the last crew ride of the year...
the holidays are around the corner, and a new years about to dawn. im washing my hands of all the bullshit ive dragged around for too long.
i feel a bunch of posts coming along, so if anyone still reads this shit lemme knaw if you love it or hate it.
just want to let you know, i love all of you who deserve it.
till we meet again,


what else do we have if don't have what makes us happy?

i spent some time tonight with pat in his studio in his home, photographing him for his upcoming interview,
i was very jealous of his work space, small, but large enough... lots of inspiration on the walls and in the air for me.
despite the fact i first met pat when i was but a wee teenager, i hadnt really gotten to know him
until the last few years... we have become good friends and his art and passion for rad shit
is a constant
inspiration to me. thanks for your friendship pat and thanks for helping me discover my art. much love.
jai. respect.
two things i believe pat would beat the shit out of anyone for.
never leave home without you...
till we meet again.

my bodies a zombie for you.

i'd do anything for you.
till we meet again,

life is better in black and white.

take my hand, won't you?
till we meet again,

i wouldn't normally do this kinda thing..

use your nights for what they are meant for.
till we meet again.


i'm working on drawing a straight line.

and i'll draw until i get one right.
its bold and dark, girl cant you see?
i've done drawn the line between you and me.
i been working on my backwards walk
there's nowhere else for me to go
except back to you just one last time
say yes before i change my mind
say yes before i change my mind...
till we meet again,

all in the family...

i very much enjoy the fellowship of good friends over cheep delicious food.
till we meet again,


roll the window down this cool night air is curious...

let the whole world look in... who cares who see's anything... i'm your passenger.
sunday afternoon was a gorgeous autumn day. something out of a shitty novel... i let my bicycle be my tour guide to parts of the city that are someone left unnoticed... i find it rather interesting what you can
come across when you just explore your otherwise familiar surroundings.
in a city with such an diverse cultural heritage and financial tiers you'll never know what you might find.
i did a little soul searching... not like thats anything new....

gang territory. point side apparently runs shit.
pat is a influence to me daily.

believe me, if there wasn't snow 8 months a year i would.

as the sun begins its decent, i couldn't help but wish i was sailing away on a ship with black sails.
forever in my heart.
till we meet again,