girl of my dreams, things are as bad as they seem...

im sorry for the lack of posts, just like most things i go through phases where i am feeling
creative enough to actually make shit happen.
things have been good lately, life has handed me some very strange circumstances
as of recent... and for the first time in a long time i'm starting to feel
more comfortable and as a result alot less pissed off.
i've always wanted to be a pirate captin... the other night i got one step closer...
set out on calm waters with my first mate.

the calm before the storm...
ive recently found some strange motivation to not let a camera leave my side....
i want to capture every single moment...
samantha anne, cigarettes and tiki...
stay tuned...
with moments of innocence and mystery... its the little things you'll miss.
till we meet again.
-james andrew lawrence vandal.


I'm just a cat searching for a clean lap to crash in...

...a world hurting. waiting for their turn to take a nap.

we went to an art party. andrew hit on young girls.
a few weekends ago dave and i went flee marketing on a rainy saturday. i scored big.
mass nintendo sessions to follow.

the half moon with great friends and pretty girls...
its called summertime living.
are we not men? shall we golf and smoke?
why the fuck not. good time buddies on the front nine.

i cant figure out why a normal person would have this licence plate.
must have been the real teemu.

blue collar.

fag hype.

jazz fest brought and interesting evening my way. broken hearts and broken knuckles.
just a preview of things to come i think.
till we meet again.