took a walk down wellington, im getting near...

but then the road became empty and the people disappeared, the clouds ran away and opened up the sky and one by one i watched all the constellations die, and there i was frozen, standing in my backdoor staring at the last star...

i got a few new photo apps on my phone. was showing trainor and ended up with a interesting shot of an interesting girl.
two feet and a heart beat. carry me and my heavy shoulders.
till we meet again.
-ol' lonely vans

my god.

it depresses me to no end knowing that people actually think this is good music. honestly, what the fuck is wrong with people.

outlets for our on going infatuations...

check out this hot shit.
lance courtesy of 4Q conditioning and jon humphries.
cool fuckin blog, motorcycles, girls and skateboarding.

i had a really good crit today at school, made me feel alot better about my photography. too bad its shitty as fuck outside. 
snow is gay.
till we meet again lady summer.


dont let these TET's get you down...

the weather is a roller coaster right now, i feel like i am slightly in a rut. work is boring and im stuck training for the next few weeks, i hate training.   i came home the other day and my apartment reeked like cat piss. i quickly realized that changing the litter solved this problem... go figure.  darren came back into my life last night and we hung out for close to 24 hours straight, im very happy hes made some changes to his life. 
as i said in the last post i was considering st. patricks day the first year birthday of my blogger.
the night was in true fashion and i bought myself a one way ticket to black out city.

green beers and irish whiskey. 
glenn is just like his daddy.

this past weekend i was invited to a art fantasy camp at the graf gallery, there were some dope guest speakers,  and we did some fun workshops. adam and i art fag'd out all afternoon and ill'd, gave me a little inspiration buzz. thanks to pat for inviting us. 

if your not up to date with my facebook i got new bars for my bike, just in time for freezing rain and snow. fuck  you mother nature, i've had enough. 
check out darren. VERY glad he called the other day. and very glad hes gonna be around more often.

what a nice guy, he took me for breakfast. mexican breakfast special at stellas, handsome luke marvin was there. his ging locks make me smile. 
i've been feeling a bit up and down lately.  i think its mostly because of the weather, but just remember, just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks! 
till we meet again.


moments like these never last... one year anniversary week.

i just recently went through my archives and it came to my attention that my first post on this blog was last year just after st. patties day so i thought i would take a second to acknowledge all those readers, supporters, those who let me capture them and everyone who hears me and my opinions. thanks for the suuport nikkas.
here's some flicks that have been collecting virtual dust from my iphone. 

life is short. summer is around the corner. dont forget who is real, these are the days of our lives. 
moments like these never last....
till we meet again. 


haha fuck...

i forgot about these....

billy mays back...

i saw the real billy mays commercial yesterday and it made think of these dubs. funny shit...