reasons why i dont want matt to leave.

random monday night drinking and HAIR METAL...

and he's my best friend.


the last two weeks.... sorta

I have never been so frustrated with this fuckin blog site. lately I have had so many problems with uploading flicks... I hope I'm not the only one that has noticed it lately.... ok
enough ranting, like I said I have been having problems lately so this is just a collection of some flicks of things/people i have been pretty stoked on over the last little while...

natasha's pussy... ha
lee + his new shredder + and crew bike rides.
fraser keeping it way real.
niki and her mobile couch crew.

adam and patios.
my bike riding gloves and sunshine.
steph being home.

as always my laptop.
the basement.

my new bike... 75 percent completed....
it appears that blogger has kicked the bugs off my site... for now anyway, so stay tuned for changes to the page and more and more flicks + fun!
holler at me loved ones.


power slave....

fuck yes!
this is for  you Eston!



klever vs. the hifi

saturday nights have become pretty routine. get off work, meet the crew, go to the Hifi,
go see denis, get drunk, listen to good music, get partied out, eat pizza, pass out.
and ya know what? i like it that way.
this past saturday the bangin-ist dj's brought in a cat called klever.
he was sick as fuck.