art on wheels.

matt found some sick sick videos and posted em to this blog ( thisisanother.blogspot.com )
i thought this one was particularly ill. cycling is opening up feelings that i havent felt since the first time i stepped on a skateboard, from the smile i cant wipe off my face to the want to just learn more and more and more.   now some body sell me some fixie wheels!

Macaframa from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

till we meet again.


summer days, summer nights...

another moxies get away...

hekka fish flies. gross.
thanks erbus.
till we meet again,
beware the clops.


the pain is momentary...

what better way to spend a cloudy saturday afternoon.

a little bit nervous.

jay, king of pain no more.

dinner date.

till we meet again,


tell your children not to hear my words....

after checking out the sick misfits covers matt posted i started looking around youtube for some more coolness, check this one out.





florence vandal...

my grandma was one of the most important people in my life, she was no more then 5 feet tall, love standard ale, gardening and her family, and when i was bad she put the fear of god in me.  she passed when i was 17 and i miss her alot... i thought it was about time to pay tribute to her.
love you grandma.

sorry mom,
till we meet again grandma.

finders keepers, losers weepers ....

dinner with nat.
lee's new tat.
bikes, babes, this and that.

new money.

no room for 7 up when there's beer to sneak.

luke's rain ripper. sick.

friday 2 am, 711, friends and snacks, 
summertime love.
-till we meet again.