my road trip to regina...

the crew rolled down to regina to catch dougie and adams show...
...regina really has some shit to see

i can't wait to see this guy more often.
go to thestickupkids.blogspot.com for the full party blog.


just a glimpse of what i've been up too lately....

house sitting at my moms and taking care of my baby girl corona.

the RedBull DOodLe Art contest....

and apparently now i'm the photographer for moxies....



dude. jib the nar...

I won a sales contest at work and my new GM, who happens to be 
a down hommie decided to take the winners on a miniature 
snowboard trip to the valleys of Manitoba.... and as much
as i don't relate to snowboard culture anymore, i still love
getting my shred on.
... oh yah, we partied most of the time.

weather was ill, i had fun. absinth is made me puke in a cup.
- vandal.