check it out!!!!

till we meet again....
-ol dirty vans


i obsess about things i cannot change....

matts in town.
we got back to business as if he hasnt been gone almost a year.
he informed me im the new shithead in winnipeg.
sure why not.
im glad hes home.
i downloaded the new sounds and yeah yeah yeahs.
worth a listen or two.
till we meet again.
- lonely vans.

just like a dream, your holding onto something that aint right.

some diana's from mexico. 
till we meet again.
-dirty vans


The Notebook MTV Best Kiss Award

dont you ever wish shit like this was real? i do.
fuck real life.


There was no way out, the only way out was to give in...

oh... how i love to give in.
Sickness was fixing me some.
Coughed out my heart in the last stall.
Now that the damage is done.
I never miss it at all

summers here. the sunshine makes me feel better.
im recovering from H1N1.
fuck being sick.
fuck birthdays.
fuck growing up.
one thing that this years birthday has taught me is that time is fleeting and life isnt getting any longer.  i gotta stop swallowing my words and sometimes i should swallow my pride and just say what my heart cant. 
till we meet again.