a girl i once knew said this best.

I am who I am.I'll do what I want.With who I want.When I want.On my terms.No one has been able to change it yet.So love it, or leave it.I refuse to waste my time with someone who isn't comfortable with the way I am, who I am, the way I've always been...

if we meet again.


oh how i've missed your embrace.

if anyone is still out there... i'm sorry i haven't been around.
life hasn't been to interesting as of late and it has left me feeling a touch un-inspired.
but as i say that i take a minute to sift through some of the moments i have captured over the last month or so made me think, "ya know what james?... lotsa shit been changing"
i finally sent out a roll of black n white from what felt like months ago.
found a few nice little gems from way back when the sun was still warm.

sam and i got pretty fond of lock port and onion rings... and of course cigarettes.
a little while back my dear friend scott brownlee's mother and her long term partner tied the knot in a very intimate and personal ceremony. i was asked to snap a few photographs of the event, i got a pile of digital, but to my dismay my nikon was suffering from a dead battery so light meter was pooched and the film was kinda fucked.
either way these are a few i thought could be salvaged for at least a quick viewing

jerry only, getting ooooold.

everyone needs to get into this show.

an un-naturally warm and pleasant fall made for many trips to the moon.
ladyboy steve was in town just in time for a hung over tuesday meal.

a dinner set for a king.

black light mini golf. just a couple of grown men... NBD
the last crew ride of the year...
the holidays are around the corner, and a new years about to dawn. im washing my hands of all the bullshit ive dragged around for too long.
i feel a bunch of posts coming along, so if anyone still reads this shit lemme knaw if you love it or hate it.
just want to let you know, i love all of you who deserve it.
till we meet again,