the ship went down in sight of land....

i've spent my last few nights watching the sun go down and drinking probably the coldest corona's i've ever tasted. how bad do you wish you were here.
i'm a bit sun burnt.
till we meet again.
-sucio veijo vandalo


its what makes my life so fuckin fantastic...

if this weekend is any indication of what the summer holds for me im in for a serious time.
catered lunch at work.
yah i did.  and it was creepy and uncomfortable.

kristen is looking hot these days.
ghandi is on ruppe's
what would you do if you bought a case of beer, got home so excited to crack out you first cold one and you break the box open and a fuckin cat came out? 

oh hey andrew.
beware the clops.
till we meet again.


romance is dead.

i have been seeing alot of girls getting this style of tattoo lately.
i like it.
photo courtesy of last nights party.
romance is dead. im sure of it.
dont let the movies tell you otherwise.
till we meet again,


home made bento box...

i got a very nice treat today, a lady gave me a lesson on how to make sushi.
my rolls were apparently a little too big... two biters.
went on an adventure to find a new wolf shirt, made our way out to hedingley.  didnt find any good sizes but we found some other cool tidbits.

i fuckin love truck stops.  so many cool treasures. 
thanks for the sushi 101 yoki
till we meet again.