i love my canon elf...

went on a little adventure with freya and martin. good old manitoba fun, we hit up a soch, it was pretty deeec', made a couple ten dollar sandwiches, line danced... didnt win any prizes tho. 

a little sals, 10 am.
yes... lets.
adam mcknight turned 27 last week. 

say word is bond. pass me the rootbeer...
till we meet again.


i need some sunlight and motivation...

i came across a few rolls of b/w i had thought i lost, problem was i couldnt remember what was on them. heres what i found.

if we meet again.

is anyone else bored as shit these days?

this is mike b at the redbull 3 style. 
i think mike be is neat.
till we meet again.


ben tour...

gets me stoked on art.


seventh letter.....

this shit is sick.
i love watching art happen.
till we meet again.


detoxification part 2.

ok, so i said i was going on this cleanse. i started thinking about why, and i couldnt really comeup with a good reason... other then to prove a point? but to who? so fuck it. i'm having a beer after work gimme a text if you wanna come down.
till we meet again,