roll the window down this cool night air is curious...

let the whole world look in... who cares who see's anything... i'm your passenger.
sunday afternoon was a gorgeous autumn day. something out of a shitty novel... i let my bicycle be my tour guide to parts of the city that are someone left unnoticed... i find it rather interesting what you can
come across when you just explore your otherwise familiar surroundings.
in a city with such an diverse cultural heritage and financial tiers you'll never know what you might find.
i did a little soul searching... not like thats anything new....

gang territory. point side apparently runs shit.
pat is a influence to me daily.

believe me, if there wasn't snow 8 months a year i would.

as the sun begins its decent, i couldn't help but wish i was sailing away on a ship with black sails.
forever in my heart.
till we meet again,

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