these days nothings ever gonna be the same...

its been a interesting month or so, a lot of things on my mind and my plate and we all know how good i am a coping with shitty things so i wanna holler a shout out to those who have made me feel better and been nice friends....
check out this flick of mart trying to "drink his buzz" away.

i've always heard about this kinda playing cards but never saw them in action... they are kinda gross.
check out these aspiring moustachios,

bonfires burnt bright, pumpkin faces lit the night...
trainor and trosky put on a art party. it was a god damn gong show.
mid november, icey streets, snow and no breaks... looks like handsome lukes ride... yah we would wouldnt he.
k serious moment of gay bro love, adam mcknight fucking rules. he is sick, his art blows my mind. he carries a bag of fun everywhere he goes and god damnit is he ever a nice guy.
the ladies that made the night possible having a fucking good time.
i gotta thing for shots of legs and shoes.

Glenn is making my days lately.
once again, big ups to all the nice people i know, and a fair goodbye to those who yell at me, fuck off. 
till we dont meet again.

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