kanye crash landed...

MTS centre sucks and you have to smuggle in your bloggers so
cause they thing your gonna bootleg all the shows so i 
didn't take many flicks... plus I'm getting sick of my pocket
blogger. But none the less here a few of kids that were 
      being fucking awesome.

shutter shades were out like a flared up herpes infection...
the show was ill. n.e.r.d killed it, rhianna covered
M.I.A which was kinda lame, chris brown killed a cameo
dance session, lupe was epic and kanye was pretty out of
       hand... thanks for the hook up eston!!!

...oh and check it out, all you hipsters
better look out cause uptown has made it official
I'm now a real "nightlife photographer". that means I'm cool.

                             *uptown mag*
look to the second paragraph for proof of how cool i am.
big ups to the juice and b-rit for being awarded the cool award too.

your friendly neighbourhood nightlife photographer.


Brittany said...

hip hop hurray for being cool.
you like being cool?
i like being cool.

freya said...

never post shutter shades again... i compleyleyeyey forbid u!