nasa is convinced there is life on mars... or so discovery channel tells me...

here's a collection of cool and or funny shit i have captured with my blackberry over the last month or so... here's a pic of a troll doll i found in the back seat of adam's car.
this is a painting i did with pat lazo, its not quite done yet. ( this ones mostly for my mom )

this is a rediculously cute pug puppy i saw at the petland by my work...

hildy and the cobrasnake.
this is matt on his birthday passed out in the back of brads truck.

this is without a doubt the most rediculous thing i have ever seen... i seriously dont know what goes through peoples heads... do you really think a potential employer will take your seriously when your resume cover letter has shit like this on it? god damnit! ... please please click this photo to enlarge it and have a read...

the field behind my work always has some of the craziest sunsets.
well. enjoy.

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Brittany said...

i look juuuuiced.

painting - rad, i didn't see it finisihed!
puppy - cuuute.
matt - hilarious.
cover letter - wtf?