vandal and lazerfangz united...

...Saturday May 17th @ the spot on albert, my homeboy adam and I decided to throw an art party... i unfortuatly didn't get to snap that many flicks due to alot of smoozing and tag teaming
a painting with my man pat lazo. I'd like to thank all the artists involved and all those who made it out to check my first crack at throwing a art show. for some more flicks our boy the infamous Lazerfangz© should have some up shortly... once things wrapped up at the spot
we headed down to the new HIFI club in osborne to enjoy a few cold beverages and booty shakes.  you HAVE to go check out lazerfangz for tits and nada part 2 flicks among other of the ill'est shit that is going around the lands.... enjoy the ish! 

till we meet again...

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