the powerball...

last week i got hired by jagermiester to shoot photos for them at power 97's power ball. definitely not my usual interest.... but when there's a job to do...  you  fuckin do it. 
i went into it thinking openly rather then being the pertinacious fuck i can be and honestly... i had a pretty good time, you can't really fuck with a straight up and down rock and roll show...
doing this type of photography scares the hell out of me as anyone knows im the farthest thing from a professional there is.  but nerves aside i am pretty happy with the results so i'd like to share a few...
i dont know the name of this band, but they opened the show...
these guys were called my darkest days.
they said fuck alot... i liked that.
the singer of papa roach kept spitting on the crowd. i liked that.
they started bantering about "back in the day" papa roach, i got so stoked
and thought they were going to play last resort, but to my disappointment
they dropped this lame monster ballad. 
buckcherry... yes they did crazy bitch...
the singer is scott weiland junkie skinny. 
i hope i get to do more of this in the future. 
till we meet again...

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