everyones a VIP to someone...

...can't wait for my spot in the front of the line.

as per usual life has been interesting these last few weeks, somethings good, somethings bad and somethings confusing as fuck.
summer is fleeting at an alarming rate and the time left to make some serious life decisions is dropping as fast as the temperature... i hope everything works out how i want it too.
august long hit and its time to enjoy it while it lasts...
chan has been killing it extra hard in my books these days... nuf love
as long as theres a pair of black and white vans in my life i know i'll stay afloat.
ive been spending alot of time near the water these last few weeks and its a very comforting feeling, might be a sign.

the loveliest host, mortisha martin, love you friend.

this was a unreal fun weekend, but at the same time it was kind of depressing. there was a strong feeling inside me that things arent going to be this way for much longer. lives are changing and the loved ones are branching off. i just want to let those who matter most know i love you and i love all the time we have spent together. forever in my heart friends.
till we meet again,
-the man of constant sorrow.