so have a good time, the sun can't shine everyday...

friday was my lady boss' felicia birf-day party, i couldn't make it to the bbq and waited for the crew to arrive at bar i... they never show'd, heard danger had a streak of bad luck just like i and ran his bike into a parked car.... glad im not the only one... happy belated felicia, buy ya a drink in van city.

if mart was a popsicle he'd look like this.
checked out the q-bert show...

look ma, no laptops.

caught a hang over meal with lee-b0t and mart at the zeller's diner,
awesome milkshakes and 4 outta 10 clubhouse's.

now everyone can see what ben looks like naked.


matts leaving soon, and i retire the 514 in oct. ezma's showing the apt. so i had to kill the quote wall.  RIP hilarious times.

new shredder. fixed gear. time to learn to skid.

ya ya ya, 
till we meet again.

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