vacations are just what the doctor ordered....

i finally decided to take some time work and go on a little road trip with the wifey's... but before the trip the clops mobilized, loaded up brew's and hit the road... pool shred. invaded jessatopia and represented.

team guns.

hail danzig.

minniapolis bound. 

minniaps trip notables:
1. ranning into batman in albertville.

2. 22 ounce beers.

3. ikea dream closets.

4. kitchen raids.

5. johnny rockets.

oh, we ran into ben...
6. casual roller coaster rides.

7. don tomas' and pink camels

we decided to get the excitement going with a pant less bed jumping party.

... i love beezee's that bounce

shmagmen's! hefferdens!

sunset rides home...

thanks for coming on vacation with me.
till we meet again,

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Matt said...

nice vagina shot KK